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  • Subject: United States--Politics and government--1945-1989
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    • "Re-elect Frank W. Boykin to Congress."

    • This card, issued during one of Boykin's congressional campaigns, is similar to many of his political advertisements in the newspapers.
    • 2009-09-15
    • "Alabama Voters To Determine Fate Of Third National Party?"

    • Article written by Bill Kennedy for his column, "Branch Head Bill Says!" In it Kennedy promotes George Wallace because he poses the "threat of a third national party," which he proved when he "organized and led a 10-million-vote...
    • 2010-11-08
    • "Boost Boykin for High Post."

    • 1936-01-11
    • This article describes efforts to have Boykin appointed to the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, where his constituents feel he could serve them best. From The Mobile Times.
    • 2009-09-15
    • "Boykin Votes to Kill Veto on Farm Workers."

    • 1945-05-04
    • This article discusses Boykin's opposition to the presidential veto of a bill proposing draft deferments for farm employees. From The Mobile Register.
    • 2009-09-15
    • "Rep. Boykin Suggests Vets' Housing Meeting."

    • 1945-12-28
    • This article gives Boykin's views on housing for veterans, the disposal of battleships after war, and the implementation of the approved Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway proposal. From The Mobile Register.
    • 2009-09-15
    • "Frank W. Boykin for U.S. Senate."

    • 1946-00-00
    • When Senator John Bankhead died in office in 1946, Boykin competed unsuccessfully for the vacant seat seat. This paid political ad consists of four pages of articles describing Boykin's congressional achievements and qualifications for the...
    • 2009-09-15
    • "Friend of Patents."

    • 1946-02-00
    • This caption tells that Boykin intends to continue his post as chairman of the House Committee on Patents. Boykin served on that committee from 1944 to 1946. From the Competitor, published by the National Patent Council.
    • 2009-09-15
    • "3 Senatorial Candidates Map Campaigns for Race."

    • 1946-06-26
    • This article by the Associated Press lists the individuals who will compete for the Senate seat left vacant by the death of Senator John Bankhead. From The Mobile Register.
    • 2009-09-15
    • "Build Alabama with Boykin."

    • 1946-07-20
    • This political advertisement focuses on Boykin's efforts to bring industry to the state and to assist the "working man." From The Gulf Informer.
    • 2009-09-15
    • H.R. 2923.

    • 1947--04-02
    • This bill, introduced by Boykin, deals with federal income tax in Alabama. It proposes that married people in the state filing joint tax returns should receive the same treatment as those in states with community property law.
    • 2009-09-15
    • H.R. 681.

    • 1947-01-08
    • This bill, introduced by Boykin, proposes to amend a 1940 act concerning defense housing.
    • 2009-09-15
    • H.R. 1037.

    • 1947-01-16
    • This bill, introduced by Boykin, deals with determining the lowest insurance rates available to public housing agencies.
    • 2009-09-15
    • H.R. 3096.

    • 1947-04-17
    • This bill, introduced by Boykin, proposes to amend the Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938. Also included is a press release from Boykin's office explaining the terms and reasons for the bill.
    • 2009-09-15
    • H.R. 3352.

    • 1947-05-06
    • This bill by Boykin deals with the settlement of a claim by Emeline Lartigue, a citizen of Mobile, against the United States government. Lartigue's car was hit by an Army vehicle.
    • 2009-09-15
    • H.R. 3353.

    • 1947-05-06
    • This bill, introduced by Boykin, deals with the sale of land in Alabama to the Chicago Mobile Development Company.
    • 2009-09-15


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