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    • Enrollment record for West End School in Montgomery, Alabama.

    • 1911-1917
    • These pages record the individual students enrolled in different grades at the school. Each list gives the names of the students and their parents; their home addresses; the dates they entered school; and, when applicable, the dates and reasons for...
    • "$30 Reward."

    • 1863 December 27
    • Advertisement offering a reward for the return of a Confederate soldier who ran away from Wayside Hospital in Demopolis, Alabama. The ad gives a full physical description.
    • Q17461
    • "30 miles on a gallon / Economy that only Whippet owners enjoy."

    • 1926 October 4
    • Advertisement for Whippet automobiles from the Willys-Knight Overland Co. in Birmingham, Alabama: "Smoothness of course - and all the power and performance any light car can offer...PLUS the greatest gasoline economy the world has ever known -...
    • Q45722
    • "483 Acres / Chattahooche Land for Sale."

    • 1849 October 16
    • Advertisement for the sale of a 483-acre plantation in Henry County, Alabama. Each section of land is described, and several buildings are included ("a good gin house and screw, and a comfortable log cabin...negro houses, corn cribs, stalls, &c.")....
    • Q14503
    • "'Because' is Convenient and Simple."

    • 1936 April 16
    • Advertisement for electric kitchen appliances from Alabama Power Company: "Can you wonder that women who own modern Electric Ranges are proud of their kitchens? You, too, can BEGIN BEING PROUD OF YOUR KITCHEN." The company advises readers to...
    • Q24966
    • "Alabama Council Newsletter," Volume 3, Number 1.

    • 1957 June
    • This newsletter was published by the Alabama Council on Human Relations, Inc., "An Organization to Attain, Through Research and Action, Equal Opportunities for All People of Alabama." This issue includes articles on "segregation by intimidation"...
    • Q18356 - Q18360
    • "Alabama Mills Closed 100 P. C. Is Union Claim."

    • 1934 July 17
    • "25,000 Workers Walk Out From Their Jobs / No Disorders Marked Opening of Strike / Six Points Contained in Demands Of Workers For Ending Shut-Down." This article discusses the statewide textile strike by members of the United Textile Workers of...
    • Q24985, Q24987
    • "Alabama Out of the Union!"

    • 1861 January 16
    • "The Vote Sixty-One to Thirty-Nine!! A Glorious Day!!!" This article announces Alabama's secession from the Union: "Truly, this is glory enough for one day. Our citizens are hailing the new era with demonstrations of profoundest emotion. The...
    • Q17489
    • "Alabama Will Secede."

    • 1861 January 9
    • This article discusses the likeliness that Alabama will secede from the Union: "A large majority of the members of our Convention will not hesitate a moment to co-operate with South Carolina, Florida and Mississippi in the formation of a Southern...
    • Q17484
    • "Alabamians Assail Ad Backing Dr. King."

    • 1960 April 8
    • Article from The New York Times that discusses reaction to an advertisement published by the paper, requesting funds for the legal defense of Martin Luther King, Jr. Alabamians are indignant about claims the ad made against state officials and...
    • Q25047
    • "An Old Man A Convict."

    • 1901 April 28
    • Letter from James Foster, a 68-year-old prisoner in Wetumpka, Alabama, to Governor W. J. Samford. In the letter Foster asks the governor to grant him parole. He acknowledges his guilt but argues that his good behavior makes him a worthy candidate...
    • Q21568
    • "As to An Immigration Bureau."

    • 1902 November 7
    • This article reports that the German Immigration Society of Birmingham supports the establishment of a state immigration bureau and a commissioner who will be responsible for recruiting white farmers to Alabama. The Society stresses that it does...
    • Q17438 - Q17439
    • "B on Hand During the Fair."

    • 1917 November
    • Advertisement card for the Henry County Fair in Abbeville, Alabama; the fair was held from November 12 to 17. The following is printed on the back: "We Want You to take a day or more off during fair time - help make up the biggest, jolliest crowd...
    • Q57167 - Q57168
    • "Back to Normalcy."

    • 1929 October 26
    • This article argues that the stock market crash was inevitable because "the country had gone speculation mad"; while the country will suffer "painful consequences," the author predicts that "the shock will not be so severe as it has been on former...
    • Q17412
    • "California Bound."

    • 1849 October 16
    • Advertisement for the sale of an 83-acre farm in Henry County, Alabama. The nearby community of Lawrenceville "promises to become an interesting little village, being the situation of Prof. Spears recently established High School, and surrounded by...
    • Q14504
    • "Citizens' Meeting at Odd Fellows' Hall."

    • 1865 April 22
    • Article reporting a meeting in Mobile, Alabama, at which "the oldest and most prominent citizens" decried the assassination of President Lincoln: "All differences of political opinion were, for the nonce buried, and with one accord the people...
    • Q69438
    • "Civil Rights in Alabama."

    • 1874
    • In this message to the United States House of Representatives, President Ulysses S. Grant presents a statement he received from a group of African Americans in Montgomery, Alabama, who had assembled to discuss the "grave and menacing dangers that...
    • Q24122 - Q24131
    • "Colored Citizens Mass Meeting."

    • 1900
    • Flyer for a prohibition meeting organized by African American ministers in Birmingham, Alabama. The meeting was held "to protest against colored women visiting barrooms and barroom premises. Also against children visiting such places, for whisky...
    • Q26126
    • "Commission from the State of Alabama."

    • 1861 January 9
    • Letter from L. W. Garrott and Robert H. Smith of Alabama, to the governor and legislature of North Carolina. Garrott and Smith explain that because of the recent election of a Republican president, the governor of Alabama has called for a...
    • Q17488
    • "Committee to Receive President Davis."

    • 1861 February 13
    • Letter from Governor A. B. Moore, inviting twenty-one men from Alabama to escort President-elect Jefferson Davis to Montgomery.
    • Q17499
    • "Dainty Cottage Home, Costing $2,600."

    • 1910 July 2
    • Advertisement for a new house in Montgomery, Alabama, describing its dimensions, layout, and building materials. The house was designed by Charles S. Sedgwick.
    • Q14525
    • "Death of Lincoln. Great Tragedy in Washington."

    • 1865 May 12
    • Dispatches originally published in the Atlanta Intelligencer on April 21 (shown here reprinted in the Alabama Beacon on May 12). These reports from Secretary of War Stanton, all dated April 15, give details and updates about the events surrounding...
    • Q69411
    • "Efforts Being Made to Break Textile Tie-Up."

    • 1934 September 17
    • This article discusses the progress of the nationwide textile strike. While several states have called up state troops to open picketed mills, the government in Alabama has not interfered with the strike: "These disturbances were in sharp contrast...
    • Q24993
    • "Experimental College: Hexes To Guerrilla Training."

    • 1968 September 25
    • This article discusses the opening of the New Alabama Experimental College in Tuscaloosa. The school "gives no tests, no lectures and no credit" but rather "exists to offer the student the chance to explore issues, questions and topics which he...
    • Q20117 - Q20118
    • "Female Education in California."

    • 1850 January 1
    • The article mentions that Mrs. M. E. Tulloss, the former principal of the Young Ladies' Seminary in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is going to California to teach: "It is an interesting fact, that she is the first female teacher and missionary that goes to...
    • Q14506
    • "Frank Boykin Landslide Seen."

    • 1936 April 21
    • This issue of The Alabama Herald, the only statewide weekly newspaper, is devoted to Boykin's 1936 congressional campaign. It contains articles outlining Boykin's political career and accomplishments.
    • Q6511, Q6514, Q6517, Q6520
    • "Friendly Creek Indians."

    • 1833
    • Report submitted to the United States House of Representatives by Dixon Hall Lewis of the Committee on Indian Affairs. The committee requests "relief for certain Creek Indians of mixed blood, within the State of Alabama; and also the petitions of...
    • Q24132 - Q24134
    • "Get Out the Vote."

    • 1924
    • Flier from the Alabama League of Women Voters, encouraging citizens to vote on November 4, 1924. It explains who is eligible to vote and gives reasons for participating in the election (for example, "Non-voters take the advantages and shirk the...
    • Q15064 - Q15065
    • "Give! At Least One Day's Pay."

    • 1942 circa
    • Brochure from the Alabama War Chest, Inc. The organization is raising money to distribute among eight service agencies, which will assist soldiers and civilians in other Allied nations.
    • Q7192 - Q7195
    • "Gulf City Guards at Camp Clark."

    • 1898 May 7
    • This article discusses activities and news at Camp Clark in Mobile, Alabama, where the men are preparing to fight in the Spanish-American War. Two companies from Mobile are supposed to join the camp, but only one has reported as planned.
    • Q25026
    • "Hear What I Say."

    • 1917 November
    • Advertisement card for the Henry County Fair in Abbeville, Alabama; the fair was held from November 12 to 17. The following is printed on the back: "We Want to See You at this exposition representative of this region's Agricultural, Horticultural,...
    • Q57169 - Q57170
    • "Heed Their Rising Voices."

    • 1960 March 29
    • Copy of an advertisement published in The New York Times by the Committee to Defend Martin Luther King and the Struggle for Freedom in the South. The ad describes nonviolent civil rights demonstrations across the South, specifically mentioning a...
    • Q25058 - Q25060, Q25068
    • "Homes Searched! Stores Searched!"

    • 1909
    • "White Men Thrown Into Jail With Negro Criminals, Their Baggage Seized and Searched. For What?" Broadside opposing the proposed prohibition amendment to the Alabama constitution; it includes statements from several Alabama citizens whose property...
    • Q20229
    • "In Honor of the Governor."

    • 1898 May 9
    • This article discusses activities and news in two military camps in Mobile, Alabama, in preparation for the Spanish-American War; the second camp, named after Governor Joseph F. Johnston, has only recently been established. It also mentions efforts...
    • Q25029
    • "It Means a New Constitution."

    • 1900 August 10
    • This article comments on the Democratic victories in the recent election: "In our judgment, the result means a new Constitution for Alabama...The present one is out of date, imperfect and unfitted to present conditions...The perplexing, menacing...
    • Q14561
    • "Keep Your Place in Space!"

    • 1961
    • Booklet promoting the proposed Amendment No. 2, which would provide for a bond issue to raise $3,000,000 for the construction of the Alabama Research Institute. By attracting space agencies and other scientific industries, the Institute would...
    • Q49313 - Q49317
    • "Law Abiding Democrats to the Front!"

    • 1877-1878 circa
    • Leaflet addressed to Democrats in Dallas County, Alabama, urging them to vote for the "good and true men" of the party, who will not resort to illegal methods to gain political power: "They will tell you, that when bad men are elected to office,...
    • Q12162 - Q12163


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