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    • "30 miles on a gallon / Economy that only Whippet owners enjoy."

    • 1926 October 4
    • Advertisement for Whippet automobiles from the Willys-Knight Overland Co. in Birmingham, Alabama: "Smoothness of course - and all the power and performance any light car can offer...PLUS the greatest gasoline economy the world has ever known -...
    • Q45722
    • "A Proclamation by the President."

    • 1865 May 8
    • Proclamation issued by President Johnson, declaring May 25, 1865, as a national day of mourning: " be observed, wherever in the United States the flag of the country may be respected...recommending my fellow-citizens then to assemble in their...
    • Q69460
    • "Advertising Acceptability Standards" for The New York Times.

    • 1960 April 1
    • The pamphlet begins with the following policy statement: "The New York Times endeavors to exclude misleading, inaccurate and fraudulent advertisements and unfair competitive statements in advertising. The chief purpose of this policy of The Times...
    • Q25050 - Q25057
    • "Alabama Council Newsletter," Volume 3, Number 1.

    • 1957 June
    • This newsletter was published by the Alabama Council on Human Relations, Inc., "An Organization to Attain, Through Research and Action, Equal Opportunities for All People of Alabama." This issue includes articles on "segregation by intimidation"...
    • Q18356 - Q18360
    • "An Act Regulating Indian Affairs" in the state of Georgia.

    • 1835
    • The act makes six provisions for dealing with the Cherokee Indian population of the state during the period of removal. First, it stipulates that U.S. citizens will not be allowed to emigrate to Indian reservations, include those Indians who were...
    • Q31379 - Q31387
    • "An Old Man A Convict."

    • 1901 April 28
    • Letter from James Foster, a 68-year-old prisoner in Wetumpka, Alabama, to Governor W. J. Samford. In the letter Foster asks the governor to grant him parole. He acknowledges his guilt but argues that his good behavior makes him a worthy candidate...
    • Q21568
    • "Bell Rings and Roar of Stock Market Subsides."

    • 1929 October 25
    • This article describes reaction to "Black Thursday," October 24, 1929; according to the author, the atmosphere of the stock exchange was mostly calm and businesslike while the public on the street was in a frenzy: "Looking down from the meager...
    • Q14567 - Q14568, Q17405
    • "By the President of the United States, a Proclamation."

    • 1861 April 24
    • Proclamation issued by President Abraham Lincoln in response to the secession of seven Southern states. He calls for 75,000 men from state militias to deal with the rebellious states, which are "too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary course...
    • Q17528
    • "Citizens' Meeting at Odd Fellows' Hall."

    • 1865 April 22
    • Article reporting a meeting in Mobile, Alabama, at which "the oldest and most prominent citizens" decried the assassination of President Lincoln: "All differences of political opinion were, for the nonce buried, and with one accord the people...
    • Q69438
    • "City Commission Determined to Keep Parks Segregated."

    • 1958 December 23
    • This article discusses efforts in Montgomery to maintain segregated city parks: "...commissioners here, served with a copy of a complaint filed by Negroes in U.S. District Court, repeated earlier statements that come what may, parks in Montgomery...
    • Q17542 - Q17543
    • "Death of Lincoln. Great Tragedy in Washington."

    • 1865 May 12
    • Dispatches originally published in the Atlanta Intelligencer on April 21 (shown here reprinted in the Alabama Beacon on May 12). These reports from Secretary of War Stanton, all dated April 15, give details and updates about the events surrounding...
    • Q69411
    • "Hear What I Say."

    • 1917 November
    • Advertisement card for the Henry County Fair in Abbeville, Alabama; the fair was held from November 12 to 17. The following is printed on the back: "We Want to See You at this exposition representative of this region's Agricultural, Horticultural,...
    • Q57169 - Q57170
    • "Heed Their Rising Voices."

    • 1960 March 29
    • Copy of an advertisement published in The New York Times by the Committee to Defend Martin Luther King and the Struggle for Freedom in the South. The ad describes nonviolent civil rights demonstrations across the South, specifically mentioning a...
    • Q25058 - Q25060, Q25068
    • "Law Abiding Democrats to the Front!"

    • 1877-1878 circa
    • Leaflet addressed to Democrats in Dallas County, Alabama, urging them to vote for the "good and true men" of the party, who will not resort to illegal methods to gain political power: "They will tell you, that when bad men are elected to office,...
    • Q12162 - Q12163
    • "Miners, Fight To Win! Steel Workers, Strike!"

    • 1934
    • Flier issued by the Communist Party in Birmingham, Alabama, urging local steel industry employees ("Working men and women, white and Negro!") to join the general miners' strike: "The miners' strike must be won! They can win the war against the NRA...
    • Q34140
    • "Mr. Lincoln - Some Anecdotes of Him."

    • 1865 June 8
    • Several brief stories illustrating President Lincoln's kind, patient, and congenial personality. All were submitted by a journalist from the New York World. They were reprinted in the Montgomery Daily Mail on June 8, 1865.
    • Q69429
    • "No Removal of the Capital."

    • 1861 May 22
    • This article refutes rumors that the Confederate capital will be moved from Montgomery, Alabama to Richmond, Virginia, mentioning the expense and loss of stability such a move would cause: "We can hardly conceive that a body composed as is the...
    • Q17530
    • "Provisional Congress of the Confederate States."

    • 1861 February 13
    • This article gives the proceedings of the Confederate congress during the sixth and seventh days of its session. On the sixth day members took oaths of office; elected a president and vice president of the provisional government; and appointed...
    • Q17498
    • "Race Separation."

    • 1900 August 11
    • This article cites a newspaper from Washington, D.C., which predicts that segregationist sentiment in the nation's capital will lead to "Jim Crow" street cars there: "What is true in Washington is true elsewhere, and especially in the South. The...
    • Q14562
    • "Removal of the Capital."

    • 1861 May 22
    • This article responds to rumors that the Confederate capital will be moved from Montgomery, Alabama to Richmond, Virginia. The author argues that no change should be made because Montgomery is a central location with access to river and railroads;...
    • Q17529
    • "Rooms of the Republican Executive Committee!"

    • 1872
    • Flier announcing the candidates for legislative office, which were chosen at a recent meeting of the Dallas County committee. Also included is a list of times and locations of meetings that will be held "[i]n order that all may be more enlightened...
    • Q12166
    • "Run the Blockade!"

    • 1862 February 1
    • Advertisement for merchandise available at A. M. Salomon's Cigar Divan in Mobile, Alabama: "Just received, per sailing vessel, a fine assortment of nautical instruments, namely: marine opera glasses, spy-glasses, compasses, &c., &c., &c. Also, a...
    • Q46880
    • "Selma's 'bloody Sunday' recalled after 10 years."

    • 1975 March 2
    • This article from the Mobile Press-Register recounts the events of "Bloody Sunday," which some citizens claim "hastened the passage of the voting rights act by Congress" in 1965. It then examines current conditions for African Americans in the...
    • Q34218 - Q34219
    • "Separation of Races."

    • 1902 November 4
    • This article reports the reactions of both African American and white citizens to the new ordinance requiring segregation on Montgomery street cars: "As a rule no trouble was experienced and the only thing noticeable was the absence of negroes from...
    • Q17436
    • "Settlement of the Alabama Coal Miners Strike of 1920-1921."

    • 1921
    • The settlement is made up of the following sections: 1) "Agreement for submission of all matters in dispute to the governor of Alabama as sole arbitrator"; 2) "Report of committee appointed by arbitrator to ascertain facts and make...
    • Q58209 - Q58216
    • "Signifcant [sic] Letter."

    • 1866 April 14
    • Excerpt of a letter from Ward Hill Lamon, former U.S. Marshal, to President Johnson. In it Lamon, a close friend of Abraham Lincoln, explains the late president's plans for restoring the Union after the war: "I was made entirely certain by his own...
    • Q70338
    • "Stock Collapse Hits Cotton, Grain."

    • 1929 October 24
    • "Staple Off $2.50 a Bale and Wheat Declines 12 Cents." This article reports stock market conditions on "Black Thursday," when "Stocks were again dumped on the market in terrific volume...and wall Street trading facilities were completely swamped."...
    • Q17423, Q17426
    • "Stock Market Suffers Swiftest Decline Experienced in Years."

    • 1929 October 24
    • This article describes the stock market decline on October 23: "The stock market suffered the swiftest and most hair raising drop in recent financial history today, a sweeping decline far more drastic than anything yet experienced in this modern...
    • Q17453
    • "Textile Strike in State Looms."

    • 1934 July 15
    • This article discusses the textile strike in Alabama City, Albertville, and Guntersville, which is expected to become a statewide movement soon: "There is little doubt the strike will be called to begin within the next few days as all of the unions...
    • Q24980
    • "The Agree That Business is Sound."

    • 1929 October 29
    • This article reports that the country's financial leaders do not believe that the stock market crash will have long-lasting negative effects on business: "All business and industrial leaders and all persons in official positions whose opinion is...
    • Q17457
    • "The Alabama War Chest: What It Is / Why It's Needed / What It Does."

    • 1942
    • Brochure explaining the purpose and organization of the fund: ".Governor Frank Dixon.proposed the organization of an ALABAMA WAR CHEST which would undertake to raise, through one state-wide annual appeal to citizens in every county, a fund for all...
    • Q34171 - Q34174
    • "The Maine Destroyed!"

    • 1898 February 16
    • This article discusses the destruction of the U.S.S. Maine in the harbor at Havana, Cuba; the cause of the explosion on board the ship was unknown at the time. In his initial report, the commander of the ship urged citizens to wait for more...
    • Q25033 - Q25034
    • "They're After Wallace."

    • 1970 April 13
    • Article from The Dothan Eagle, which quotes several newspaper columns to "substantiate what Governor George Wallace has been saying all along--that outside money, pressures and influences are being used within Alabama to defeat him, that the...
    • Q30154
    • "To the Republicans of Dallas!"

    • Flier addressed to freedmen in Dallas County, Alabama, warning them of "recent converts to Republicanism" who will compete for their vote in the upcoming county elections. All the questionable candidates are mentioned, with evidence of their...
    • Q12161
    • "Twenty-Fifth Day."

    • 1861 March 6
    • This article gives the proceedings of the Confederate congress during the twenty-fifth day of its session. That day a delegation from Alabama presented a marble inkstand to the president of the congress, and J. L. M. Curry spoke about the gift's...
    • Q17510
    • "Voter lists up by 31% after federal drive."

    • 1966 October 2
    • This article from the Birmingham News discusses the increase in the number of registered voters in Alabama following the Voting Rights Act of 1965: "It was an over-all gain of more than 31 per cent which affected the voter totals of virtually all...
    • Q34221
    • "Wallace for All Alabama."

    • 1970 May
    • Leaflet promoting George Wallace in the 1970 gubernatorial campaign. It lists "Seven Proven Reasons Why Wallace Can Do More for You as Governor!" These include his experience, leadership and motivation; plans to continue his wife's programs ("which...
    • Q30136 - Q30137
    • "Wanted to Hire, 200 Negro Men."

    • 1864 January 24
    • Advertisement seeking two hundred slave men to work at the Bibb Iron Works; for every ten men hired, "One Woman will be received." Room, board, and clothing will be provided for all workers.
    • Q17466
    • "Weaker Sex? Not Any More, Brother."

    • 1942 June 10
    • This article, by Virginia Van Der Veer, discusses the women from Alabama ("affectionately dubbed 'them wacky women' by regular soldiers") who applied to join the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps at Fort McClellan; it describes the selection process and...
    • Q25013


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